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Alpaca Threadz

Boho Alpaca Blanket Spring


Handmade in Ecuador by local female artisans, this ultra-soft alpaca wool blanket is the perfect addition to any living room, bedroom or picnic and camping adventure. The blanket is also large enough to fit a queen sized bed. Draped over your armchair or sofa, it invites for a cosy night in. Each blanket features unique and vibrant designs adding beauty and colour to every room. 

Alpaca wool is known to be a "super fibre" as it is naturally hypoallergenic, durable yet soft, breathable yet water resistant and highly insulative being one of the warmest animal fibres in existence. The Andean peoples have used Alpaca wool for centuries keeping warm and dry in the rough and fast changing mountain climate. 

With your purchase you are supporting the indigenous communities of Ecuador and Peru that have been hit incredibly hard by the pandemic. While tourism is normally their main income stream, the Andean artisans belong to the world's most skilled weavers with traditional weaving techniques handed down through the generations. Generating income and preserving traditional production techniques using Alpaca wool is crucial to ensure social prosperity and improving livelihoods for these often marginalised communities.

  • Reversible design and colour
  • Lightweight for year round versatility
  • Sustainably and artisan made in Ecuador on 100 year-old looms
  • Alpaca wool is naturally insulating and hypoallergenic

Material: 50% Alpaca Wool and 50% ultra-soft recycled acrylic 

Colour: Turquoise/Mahogany/Ivory

Size: 230x200cm

Care: Carefully hand wash in cold water

Boho Alpaca Blanket Spring